The Orchestra  Spring 2019

Flute: Alaina Volante

Clarinet/Sax: Garrett Gaina

Oboe: Ko Kaiden

Bassoon: Amanda Kawucha

French Horn 1: Bernhard Kirchner
French Horn  2: Megan Szypula

Trumpet 1: Randall Knight

Trumpet 2: Jamie Bostek

Trombone 1: Matt Davidson

Trombone 2: Denzel Donald

Piano: Audra Baas

Drums: Dale Bender

Percussion: Paul Schauert

Violins: Emily Paye, Josie Palmer, Luch Alessio & Bram Margoles

Viola: Gabe Paese

Cello: Gavin Langley

Bass: Michael Rais

The Seaway Chorale and Orchestra is an Equal Opportunity Employer and provides programs and services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or handicap.


Trenton, Michigan

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