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Adult Audition Criteria

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The Seaway Chorale and Orchestra is a community-based mixed-choral ensemble of adult singers, chosen by selective audition, and drawn primarily from the metro Detroit area. Voices of the Young is a youth choir that sings with Seaway Chorale. Our mission is to provide our members and downriver communities with a quality choral experience.

To best serve this mission, the adult chorale is made up of a wide range of musical talent from professional musicians to enthusiastic hobbyists.  A successful audition into the Seaway Chorale and Orchestra incorporates a number of factors to allow for diverse membership. Not all factors are required.

The following factors are taken into consideration:


*  Choral experience

*  Vocal timbre and control

*  Vocal range

*  Sight-reading skill

*  Ability to learn quickly

*  Other musicianship (e.g., experience in a symphony band or jazz group)

The adult audition consists of several different assessments:


Solo Song- Prepared song sung a Capella or with piano accompaniment.  (Songs with accompaniment must be from a list provided by Seaway.)


Ensemble Song- Singers will be expected to hold their own part against a four-part arrangement sung a Capella with other members of the chorale.  The auditioning vocalist will have a few moments to prepare, but this portion of the audition is largely to test how quickly one can learn and follow an individual part.  Sight-reading skill is helpful, but not required.


Sight Reading- Singers will be given a chance to sing four bars of sight-read melody.  Again, sight-reading skills are welcome and helpful, but are not the sole factor in the audition.


Part Independence- Singers will be tested holding pitches and short melodies against dissonant and unrelated music.  


Pitch Memory- A short melody will be played and sung back without sight-reading or prior preparation.  This demonstrates the speed at which a vocalist learns new music.


Range- Range will be tested for proper placement into a section.  

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